• It has been a few years since I was excited about new music from Paul McCartney. His new album, “Egypt Station,” is awesome.It debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 200. The new single, “Come On To Me,” is one of his best tracks in years.McCartney is one of the all-time greats. I’m happy to see him having such success at age 76, especially knowing all the talented artists we’ve lost over the past few years. [...]
  • Lock up the babysitters. Hide the cutlery. The “Halloween” reboot is here, and Michael Myers, the iconic masked boogeyman, is back and thirstier than ever for blood. Faster than you can say “boo,” Myers — aka The Shape — is on a rampage, racking up double-digit kills. No one is safe, especially Laurie Strode, the lone surviving teen from the original. Her estranged daughter and granddaughter are in danger, too. Cue the chilling score. Grab some [...]
  • Though it’s his second season with the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, Director Ken Lam is excited for the 2018-19 season because it’s the first one where he’s really had the chance to sit down and plan a cohesive theme.The theme this year is one of hope and diversity and celebrating Illinois. Audiences will hear that clearly in this weekend’s season-opening performance.The ISO plans to celebrate Illinois’ bicentennial year with a program that [...]
  • Twenty One Pilots delivers an entire world with deep insights into societies view on depression while continuing to evolve their style in their newest album “Trench.” After a year of complete silence, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun released four songs before finally releasing the entire album on Oct. 5, and fans everywhere rejoiced in knowing that the band wasn’t dead. The songs “Jumpsuit,” “Nico and the Niners” and “Levitate, [...]
  • Get your gigs listed herePlease email us the name of your group, the type of music you play, and the time, date, location (with a street address) of your shows to All items must be emailed and must be received by 5 p.m. Friday the week before publication.Note: All listings subject to change without notice.Oct. 19Broken Stone, 6:30 p.m., Blue Grouch Pub, 510 W. Maple Ave.Captain Geech & the Shrimp Shack [...]
  • Despite the fact that I’d long ago abandoned the “Halloween” franchise (in a convoluted, zig-zag, somewhat related way, there were 10 earlier entries), and despite the fact that when I sat down in a jam-packed theater to watch the new one, the guy behind me had brought a suitcase filled with beer cans from which he was guzzling, the result of which was his penchant to growl and yell and curse at the screen whenever a luckless character was about to be stabbed or hammered [...]
  • Getting along with your family is hard enough without bringing politics into the equation. But just try getting through Thanksgiving dinner without eventually broaching an issue drawing the ire of at least one of your relatives, especially in these particularly volatile times. One minute you’re breaking bread; the next, breaking jaws. That’s the timely premise of “The Oath,” a dark comedy that avails itself more conservative than liberal when it comes to laughs. [...]
  • It’s as spartan and basic as filmmaking gets. But you stand in awe of the subtle complexities fueling “The Guilty” in its riveting depiction of a disgraced cop solving a kidnapping without setting one foot outside a claustrophobic call center. It’s a credit to director and co-writer Gustav Möller that the tension is palpable, as twists pile upon twists. But what impresses more is the way “The Guilty” cleverly plays upon our assumptions about [...]
  • When Emily Hough first auditioned for NBC’s “The Voice,” the Petersburg native didn’t imagine she would actually get on the show.Open auditions for the singing competition show started nationwide in January, and the 16-year-old PORTA High School junior and her parents made the drive to Indianapolis after her grandmother told them about the audition. On the way there, she said she dismissed the possibility of making it past the long audition process. [...]
  • Without a doubt, the addiction drama “Beautiful Boy” — not the slasher-flick “Halloween” — is the most terrifying movie opening at the multiplex this weekend. Starring Steve Carell (“Foxcatcher”) and Timothee Chalamet (“Call Me by Your Name”), the movie is a chilling and unsettling look at a young man’s plunge into meth addiction (and heroin, pills, pot, etc.) and a devoted father’s efforts to save him. [...]